Generate your MVP in minutes with AI

Go from idea to a near production-ready app on Github in minutes. Save months and thousands in fees by outsourcing your development to AI agents.

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The fastest way to build and test ideas with AI

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😔 Building without ProjectX

  • Take months to build an MVP
  • No plan - it should be easy.... right?
  • Spend weeks refactoring code
  • Keep changing direction
  • Build bad architecture and run into headaches at every corner
  • Give up and never launch

"I know how to code, so how hard could it be?"


😎 Building with ProjectX

  • Generate your MVP in minutes
  • Save thousands $ on outsourcing
  • Develop better apps with fully automated collaborative AI agents.
  • Test new ideas fast
  • Get your app in the hands of users faster and start making $

It takes months to build an MVP. Most never see the light of day.

Going from a great idea to an app in the hands of users is anything but easy. Headaches and roadblocks are at every corner.


Spend months building your app yourself


Get stuck in development limbo


Quit the project

Start a new project
Describe what you want to build

Tell AI what you want to build. Then choose your technology preferences, verify requirements, and click continue.

Grab a coffee while AI builds your app

Grab a coffee while AI agents plan, build and revise your app and push the work to Github. We'll notify you when your app is ready.

Review, preview and Iterate

Clone your app from Github to your local, test it, and come back to develop your app further and implement new features.